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The Early Modern Period

The Early Modern Period
3d digital historic reconstruction of the london bridge

London Bridge

London Bridge in the early 17th Century. Looking North West from the south bank of the River Thames. St Pauls Cathedral can be seen in the centre background in its original form before the Great Fire of London of 1666.

Perth Citadel

The Perth Citadel built by Oliver Cromwell in 1651 and demolished 10 years later following the restoration of the King.    (Perth Museum)

Gowrie House

Built in the mid 16th Century in the city of Perth, Scotland. Famous for the ‘Gowrie Conspiracy’ in which the Earl of Gowrie plotted to kidnap and murder king James VI. Demolished in 1807.   (Perth Museum)

High Mill

A water driven corn mill at Alston in Cumbria. Built in 1767 by renowned engineer John Smeaton.   (North Pennines AONB)

Eddystone Lighthouse

The first of four Lighthouses that have stood off the South coast of England on the Eddystone Rocks. It was destroyed in a storm only 5 years after construction in 1703 and was the first ever recorded offshore lighthouse.