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The Medieval era

The Medieval era
3d digital historic reconstruction of ad gefrin

Ad Gefrin

Ad Gefrin was a royal settlement in the early medieval / anglo-saxon period dating from around 650AD

Scone Abbey

Scone Abbey founded in 1122 and destroyed during the early days of reformation in 1559. Located in Perthshire, Scotland.    (Perth Museum)

Perth Charterhouse

The Carthusian Monastery in Perth, Scotland. 15th Century.    (Perth Museum)

Leiston Abbey

Built in the 14th Century but pictured here in the early 16th Century. Home to Augustinian canons, Suffolk, England.    (English Heritage)

Perth Castle

A 12th Century view of Perth Castle in Scotland with the city of Perth to the right and the river Tay behind. (Perth Museum)

Durham Exchequer

The Chancery court built in the 1440s to manage equity disputes on Palace Green in Durham.    (Durham University)