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The Roman era

The Roman era
3d digital historic reconstruction richborough

Richborough Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre at Richborough in Kent. 1st – 4th Century   (English Heritage)

Richborough Fort

During the mid 3rd Century the Roman army began a retreat back toward the busy town of Richborough. The towns triumphal arch was utilised as a signal station and a new small ‘fortlet’ was constructed around it. Any buildings that fell within its immediate proximity were demolished to make way.  250AD.   (English Heritage)

Richborough Fort

By the end of the 3rd Century the small pallisaded fort at Richborough had been replaced with a new larger one, constructed using stone from the triumphal arch
This view is looking toward the western gates along Watling Street.  300AD.   (English Heritage)

Ardoch Fort

2nd century Roman fort. Located outside the village of Braco, Perthshire, Scotland.    (Perth Museum)

Richborough Baths

The bathhouse inside Richborough Roman fort. 300AD.    (English Heritage)

Hadrians Wall

Hadrians Wall looking east at West Denton. The lower courses still exist at this location alongside the A69 on the approach to Newcastle upon Tyne. 130AD.    (English Heritage)